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5:59 p.m. - 2003-05-14
Cunning Linguists
Woke up this morning in a state of extreme frustration after having fevered dreams of cunning linguists and a specific person who used to make my body sing like Julie-bloody-Andrews from an Austrian mountaintop with his �linguistic skills�. :P Seriously thinking of seeking �professionals� to� errr.. �scratch that particular itch�, as it were. It has been too long. I can�t even remember when was the last time I had my mind (and body) blown away in such a manner. Hmmpph. I think there may be a few who are willing to give me �linguistic lessons� for free but it would be too danged complicated. That was why I was thinking a cut-and-dried �business transaction� would be ideal. :P I am getting sick of DH�s �I have a tournament/big game tomorrow� excuse. Maybe he should just go sleep with his danged clubs. I am quite sure they can�t give as good head as I do. :P (Oh, did I forget to mention that I am really MODEST too?)

So that was �great�, waking up and having Cap�n Crunch the first thing to pop into my dizzy (and not mention nauseous) consciousness. About as �great� as having a boil on one�s butt. Don Juan (I gave him the pseudonym �Leo� in an earlier entry but he thinks it�s boring. Alrighty then, I hope Don Juan is more agreeable? Don Juan de NATO because all he�s about is �No Action, Talk Only�, right DJ? *raising one eyebrow*) who is Cap�n Crunch�s friend of course thinks this is all highly amusing. In fact he offered me a nugget of wisdom the other day. Told me to go bonk CC silly to get him out of my system. I think the fact that I am married to the Taliban (as opposed to The Mob :P) and pregnant to boot may have escaped el Don�s memory. :P Chaiihh!

Breakfast was sliced unripe green mangoes tossed in a dressing of petis (shrimp paste to those who are untutored in the delights of exotic Malaysian cuisine.. :P), cili padi (the really small, amazingly hot ones!), soy sauce and a dash of sugar. I can actually hear people going, �Ewww!� LOL Cut me some slack. I AM pregnant. :P Lunch was the less exotic sliced kiwifruit. I am feeling so exceptionally dizzy and nauseous today. I swiped someone�s fender while parking at the market this morning, the other car barely had a scratch but I lost some chrome trimming thingy (over one of the tyres). I think I shouldn�t be driving in this condition, I�m a right menace, I am!

So this is it� 3 years of Economics and another 3 of Law (Yes, I graduated both� with Honours. I surprise even myself sometimes. :P) all boils down to the market (the wet, smelly kind) on Wednesday mornings nowadays. *SIGH* Used to work in a different kind of market before. One where the only unbearable smells came from the cheap cologne my male colleagues would wear. :P LOL (Please, chuck the Brut and get Acqua di Gio already! That makes me go positively weak at the knees� that particular scent by Armani. Just makes me want to undresssss�. *devillish grin*) The �wet market� is a good place to get fresh produce although there are some things that I don�t buy there, beef for example. DH will only stomach air-flown chilled beef, you see. *rolling eyes* Actually, the one I go to is not �wet� at all compared to the Central Market of old, where I used to go with Mum when I was a little girl. That was when Central Market was still a �market� market and not the (supposed) �Art & Cultural Centre� (OK, I am directly translating �Pasar Seni� here. Bear with my Malay. I hardly use it these days. :P) it is today. NOT a good idea for me to go the market with all its myriad �err.. odours when I am nauseous as I am these days. I might just regurgitate my exotic breakfast on some unsuspecting kakak ,makcik or one of those �tai-tais� with their frou-frou dinky Fendi bags (Fendi? To the market? Puh-leez. *rolling eyes*) ordering their maids to pick the produce whilst they just point and stand at a reasonable distance where the smell doesn�t quite ASSAULT the senses. :P (Actually, maybe I should do that. Vomit on a particularly dinky Fendi! Muahahaha)

To all who �joined the orgy� yesterday, my deepest thanks. *bright smile* I can tell myself a zillion times that I write in these pages only for me but still I cannot deny knowing others actually come back to read the tripe I spew pleases me no end. As I told Don Juan today, I am an attention whore. Nothing wrong with that, is there? :P

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